• Dock initiation fee $200 Reserves place on docking seniority list. Must maintain an associate or full membership to remain on docking list.
  • Boat season formula L+B x $30 All inclusive boat season - full member only
  • Dockage/dry sail space 60% 60% of boating season cost - full member only
  • Dockage - transient:  First night no charge; Second night $1 per foot; Subsequent nights $1 per foot / night
  • Dockage - long-term guest L+B x $5 / month Calendar month or part thereof*
  • Storage - winter 40% As above but 40% - full member only
  • Storage (i.e. dingy, etc.) L+B x $2 / month Calendar month or part thereof*
  • Lift in or out (each way) 10% Available to PSSS members only
  • Racing season $125 Races may be paid for individually.
  • Docking levy fee $400 Must be paid upon receipt of a permanent dock - full member only
  • Off site cradle storage $25 Subject to change
  • Key - clubhouse / ice machine $10 Key to be returned when you resign / deposit refunded - full and associate member only

Port Stanley Sailing Squadron

305 Sailor's Alley at Colonel Bostwick St. 

Port Stanley, Ontario Canada N5L 1C2

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